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A Beginner's Guide to White Wine November 10, 2017

Lakeville, Dakota
A Beginner's Guide to White Wine, Lakeville, Minnesota

When you are new to wine, the list of choices might seem overwhelming. With a little research and a lot of tasting, you’ll soon know your favorite types and makers. As a starting point, Mainstreet Coffee & Wine Bar, a team of connoisseurs in Lakeville, MN, outlines the most common types of white wine you’ll encounter.

A Basic Guide to White Wine


Depending on the maker, the flavor of Chardonnay varies. One bottle could be more fruity, while another could have an earthy flavor. This, along with its ability to pair well with practically any dish, is probably why this white wine is one of the most popular choices in the United States.

Pinot Grigio/Gris

Made from darkish-gray grapes, Pinot Grigio is a dry, fruity wine with citrus overtones that do not linger. Additionally, its mild to moderate acidity makes this a great wine for pairing with many types of dishes, but it pairs best with light seafood.


white wine lakeville mnAlthough Riesling is well known for its fruity sweetness, it also comes in dry varieties. Most Riesling hails from Germany, but France, Austria, California, Washington, and Australia offer variations of the floral-scented wine. Riesling is a good complement to spicy foods, chicken, light fish, and pork.

Sauvignon Blanc

Generally crisp, the flavor of Sauvignon Blanc is best showcased by New Zealand makers. Popularized in the 1980s, New Zealanders crafted this bright, vibrant flavor from the French Sancerre. Ask for this wine when eating highly-acidic cheeses, such as goat or feta, or citrus-flavored dishes.

To begin your search for your favorite white wine, order a flight at Mainstreet Coffee & Wine Bar in Lakeville, MN. Their popular selection of over 30 white and red wines draws customers from Farmington, Apple Valley, Burnsville and Prior Lake. Visit their website to peruse their wine menu. If you have any questions, call them today at (952) 985-7650.

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