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4 Home Renovation Projects to Help Seniors Age in Place December 1, 2017

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4 Home Renovation Projects to Help Seniors Age in Place, Rockford, Illinois

As people get older, they sometimes experience mobility issues or develop new accessibility needs. For those who want and are able to forgo assisted care facilities, there are a variety of home renovations to improve safety and convenience. New Leaf Remodeling, the most trusted and experienced remodeling contractors in Rockford, IL, offers the following tips so you can age comfortably in your home. 

The Best Home Renovation Projects for Seniors 

Grab Bars

Home renovationOlder homeowners sometimes need help rising from the commode, while others want support entering, exiting, and balancing in the shower. By installing grab bars in the bathroom, you’ll make daily tasks easier for those with limited mobility. Grab bars also serve the purpose of holding wash cloths, soap and other bathroom essentials. Now, they are even more functional and aesthetically pleasing to look at then before. 

Tub Conversion & Raised Plumbing

For some people, it can be problematic to climb over the rim of a bathtub to bathe or shower. This can be remedied by removing the tub and replacing it with a walk-in shower enclosure. The shower door opens at floor level, so entering is no longer a hassle. Also, it creates a watertight seal when closed to prevent puddles on the floor. To minimize bending and to avoid injury, people can also add raised toilets and vanities to their bathroom setup.

Wheelchair-Friendly Flooring

Hard surfaces and low-pile carpeting are the most wheelchair-friendly flooring materials. Be sure to consider this when remodeling for yourself or loved ones with mobility issues.

First-Floor Accommodations

Staircases can pose a challenge for those with mobility issues. Because of this, a first-floor bedroom and shower is the ideal home renovation project. It is also a great idea to move the washer and dryer from the basement to the first-floor. This way, you or your loved one will have access to everything needed without being in harm’s way. 

New Leaf Remodeling, the premier remodeling contractors in Rockford, IL, can offer a number of excellent home renovation suggestions so you can age comfortably in your home. To send them an online message or to request information, visit their website. Or, discuss your options with a friendly representative by calling (815) 904-6006.

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