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The Benefits of Spaying & Neutering Cats November 10, 2017

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The Benefits of Spaying & Neutering Cats, High Point, North Carolina

Spaying and neutering your cat has shown to provide a significant amount of health benefits for your pet. The veterinarians at High Point Veterinary Hospital in High Point, NC, perform these procedures on a regular basis and have found that most pet owners don’t know the benefits spaying and neutering provides — aside from preventing pregnancy by removing their ovaries and uterus or testicles. If your cat isn’t spayed or neutered, consider these reasons to have it done as soon as possible.

Benefits of Spaying Your Female Cat

Less Risk of Cancer

Cats who are spayed are less likely to develop tumors in their mammary glands, which are often found to be cancerous and have a 90% death rate. This can be avoided by having your cat spayed before their first heat, usually around six months old.

Less Risk of Pyometra

Pyometra is an infection that often develops in the uterus of unspayed cats. By having this minor procedure done, you’ll be eliminating this possibility.

Eliminate Heat Cycles

spaying-and-neuteringWhen a cat experiences regular heat cycles, their bodies are put under a lot of stress. This stress lowers her immune system and makes them more prone to serious illness — including respiratory disease, bacterial infections, and parasite infestation.

Benefits of Neutering Your Male Cat 

Less Likely to Stray

When male cats are neutered, they’re less likely to wander from home in search of a mate. This significantly reduces the risk of them being lost, stolen, or hit by a car.

Less Risk of Cancer

Having your kitten neutered around six months old will eliminate their risk of developing testicular cancer. Older cats can still be neutered, but they will risk getting cancer and it spreading until that point.

Less Aggressive

Male cats can sometimes be aggressive and fight with other male cats. Having them neutered will reduce their urge to fight, reducing their risk of being injured or contracting contagious diseases.

If you’ve yet to have your cat spayed or neutered and you live in the High Point area, contact the veterinary professionals at High Point Veterinary Hospital. Their team of qualified experts has been doing this operation for years along with many other procedures that can be viewed on their website. To make an appointment for you and your pet today, don’t hesitate to call them at (336) 889-3832.

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