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What to Discuss With Your Divorce Lawyer During a Dissolution November 15, 2017

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What to Discuss With Your Divorce Lawyer During a Dissolution, Hamilton, Ohio

Divorce and dissolution are both legal ways to end a marriage. There are distinct differences between the two options when it comes to the filing process, but many of the same issues need to be worked out by the former couple. If you and your spouse decided to file a joint petition for dissolution, you must work together to reach an agreement on all the important matters that pertain to your situation. The Michael A. Newland Law Office has assisted many couples in Hamilton, OH, with their request to terminate a marriage.

Below, he reviews some of the most common subjects to discuss before you and your spouse part ways:

  • Division of Assets: Any assets acquired during your marriage will be considered marital property and must be divided between both parties. In a dissolution, you and your partner will decide together how to split the house, furnishings, financial accounts, value of life insurance policies, pensions, retirement accounts, and any other property you have.
  • divorce lawyersChild Custody & Support: Child custody and support is one of the most important matters to figure out when a marriage ends. If you and your spouse have kids, you must agree on guardianship and visitation issues. You must also determine an amount of child support.
  • Spousal Support: Spousal support is another topic to think about before submitting your petition. This can have a significant impact on your future financial security—so reach an agreement on a reasonable amount. Divorce lawyers often help with negotiations concerning alimony, as it can be difficult to put an accurate value on a marriage.
  • Marital Debt: Similar to dividing your assets, you must decide how to split the debt collected throughout the marriage. However, you may not be responsible for everything your spouse accrued if it didn’t benefit you in any way. A divorce lawyer will review financial documents to identify a fair and reasonable figure.

By resolving these issues amicably, you will be eligible to file for a dissolution and reduce much of the time, and money typically spent during the divorce process. Turn to the Michael A. Newland Law Office for counsel from an experienced divorce lawyer to avoid making errors in your paperwork and ensure your best interests are protected. Call (513) 887-9595, or visit online for more information on the family law services he offers.

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