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5 Signs You Need Transmission Repairs November 24, 2017

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5 Signs You Need Transmission Repairs, Grand Island, Nebraska

Whether it just lit up on your dash or it’s been on for awhile, that warning light is trying to tell you something. If your car is experiencing issues, there are five signals you shouldn’t ignore if you want to avoid costly transmission repairs. Here, the auto experts at BG&S Transmissions of Grand Island in Hall County, NE, list the most pressing ones.

5 Transmission Problems That Require Urgent Action

Leaking Fluid

Transmission RepairsIf you spot a bright red fluid leaking from underneath your vehicle, take some time to investigate it. Most transmissions are sealed, so they should not leak. If the fluid seeps out, it will leave the transmission without lubrication, and eventually, cause it to fail.

Burning Smell From Underneath the Hood

If you smell an odor coming from underneath a car’s hood, you might assume it’s the engine. However, transmission issues can cause the same symptom. If you fail to change the fluid on a regular basis, it will gradually break down into dirt and sludge. When that happens, the transmission fluid will overheats and produce a burning smell. 

Noisy Neutral

Most cars make some level of noise when they idle or are in neutral. If your car makes thumping sounds in neutral, have your transmission fluid checked. Dirty fluid can wear down internal components, as bearings and gear teeth rely on clean fluid to function. If they aren’t getting enough lubricant, they will eventually fail.

Gear Slippage

A sure sign of a transmission problem is a car that shifts gears on its own. In other words, your vehicle should stay in the gear you put it in until you change it. If it seems to have a mind of its own, the gear linkage could be worn or broken, leaving your vehicle with insufficient power to maneuver out of an emergency situation. As such, this problem requires immediate transmission repairs.

Check Engine Light 

The check engine light doesn’t always point to engine trouble. In fact, sensors throughout your vehicle send information to the car’s onboard computer, and several of these are located in the transmission. When the computer picks up a trouble signal, it triggers the check engine light. 

For the most trusted transmission repair service in Hall County, turn to the experts at BG&S Transmissions of Grand Island. They stand behind their work and offer a 36,000-mile warranty on all transmission services. Call them at (308) 382-2727 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for more information about their offerings.

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