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3 Reasons Why Mac & Cheese Is the Ideal Pizza Topping December 30, 2017

Westchester Village, Bronx
3 Reasons Why Mac & Cheese Is the Ideal Pizza Topping, Bronx, New York

Mac and cheese: a controversial pizza topping to be sure; however, there are a few great reasons why you may want to give this a try on your next order. Emilio's of Morris Park is just the place to serve up such an unexpected delight. Well-known for providing the Bronx with amazing pies and other delicious fares, this pizza shop can also introduce diners to some truly surprising concoctions.

Why You Should Give Mac & Cheese Pizza a Try

More Cheese, Please

When it comes to cheese, more is usually better. To this end, piling mac and cheese on a pizza can result in an amazing shot of cheesy goodness. This is especially true when the mac and cheese is delectable on its own, as it will only add to the enjoyment experienced by diners. Of course, you may have to experiment a bit to determine the perfect amount of mac and cheese atop your pizza.

A Little Something Different

PizzaWhile pizza is rarely boring, the same old toppings can get a bit stale after a while. Mac and cheese is perfect in this sense, as it can add a little something different to your slice without going overboard. If you find yourself missing the meat, just add bacon.

Great Combination of Textures

Mac and cheese pizza offers a great combination of textures. While taste is surely important, one can’t rule out the joy of a satisfying tactile combination, sometimes referred to as “mouth feel” by foodies. When contrasted with a crisp crust and firm meats and veggies, mac and cheese offers a softer, more supple appeal that is truly magnificent.

Whether you’re in search of a great slice of pizza or need catering service for your next gathering, Emilio's of Morris Park aims to please. Call (718) 822-6758 today to place an order with this beloved Bronx pizzeria or visit them online to access the full menu. Smartphone users can also download the app for convenient ordering virtually anywhere.

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