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Think You Need a Carpet Cleaner? Here’s What You Should Know November 22, 2017

Pearl City, Ewa
Think You Need a Carpet Cleaner? Here’s What You Should Know, Ewa, Hawaii

If your home includes carpet flooring, you likely already know that cleaning it is essential to your health as well as the warranty. Yet, many people believe vacuuming to be enough, and they don’t realize that the carpet still has dirt and bacteria deep within it. That’s why hiring professional carpet cleaners is so important — they do the job your vacuum simply can’t. When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, finding a company you trust is an essential part of this process.

What’s a Carpet Cleaner?

A professional carpet cleaner is more than just someone who owns a low moisture system and can extract hot water. In fact, industry experts need to have the experience necessary to know exactly what detergent should be used for specific stains, or what treatment is necessary for a particular patch of carpet.

carpet cleanersProfessionals use several methods to complete this process, including hot water extraction, which uses hot water and cleaning chemicals for a deeper clean. They can also perform dry cleaning, with the use of low-moisture machines.  For instance, many professionals use a dry chemical compound that’s sprinkled over the floor. With the help of a machine, they can scrub it in and remove it for a cleaner, healthier carpet.

Why a Professional Carpet Cleaner Is Important

Many people believe they can clean their carpets themselves; however, you should allow professionals to handle this work. For most textiles, the warranties require professional cleaning on a regular basis, which means cleaning it yourself can result in a voided warranty.

In addition, professional cleaning is important for your health. Though you may think you have scrubbed all of the dirt, pet dander, debris, and bacteria out of the fiber, you can easily miss much of the underlying soil. This can adversely impact your indoor air quality. Similarly, without the proper extraction equipment, you may inadvertently create a warm, moist environment that promotes mold growth.


When your textiles need cleaning, don’t try to steam it yourself. Instead, reach out to the professional carpet cleaners at Bears Carpet Care. Serving Pearl City, HI, for more than 15 years, these experts are licensed and insured, so you can feel confident they’ll make your floor look better than ever. If you would like to receive a free quote, give this carpet company a call at (808) 455-6174. You can also find more information about their services online.
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