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What to Look for When Choosing a Funeral Home November 10, 2017

Mount Washington, Cincinnati
What to Look for When Choosing a Funeral Home, Cincinnati, Ohio

Losing a loved one can be difficult, so it’s crucial to work with a funeral home that will help you through your time of grief. If you’ve never had to enlist the services of a funeral home before, it helps to learn the attributes of a quality funerary and memorial service provider. Here are some points to consider if you’ve lost a close friend or family member and are struggling to find the right funeral home.

What Are Some Attributes of a Quality Funeral Home? 

A Range of Services

When you lose a loved one, there’s a multitude of details to take care of. That’s why selecting a funeral home that will assist with planning and procedural aspects is key. Employ a funeral home that offers a wide range of services, from burials and cremations to grief support solutions, as they will prevent you and your family from feeling overwhelmed during the mourning process.

A Personal Experience

funeral homeWhen someone dies, family members and friends often strive to honor their last wishes, and a reputable funeral provider will guarantee these expectations are met. An excellent funeral home will make the ceremony a personal experience, whether that means holding a ceremony to scatter their ashes, or playing your loved one’s favorite song before their interment. It’s these types of subtle yet deeply sentimental touches that will commemorate your loved one with grace and dignity.

Flexible Pricing 

Planning a funeral is no small expense, so many funerary companies offer a broad range of pricing for their services. This makes it easier for families to shoulder the financial burden, but it also provides more options to choose from. When searching for the best funeral home, ask about their pricing structure to gauge the average cost of your plans.


The professionals from TP White & Sons Funeral Home know that a friendly funeral home can make all the difference, so they work hard to ensure their clients are satisfied. Since 1870, the White family has been helping the Mount Washington, OH, community celebrate the life and works of those they love. To learn more about their services, visit them online, or call today at (513) 231-7150. 

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