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Breast Augmentation vs. Lift: Which Procedure Is Best? November 14, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
Breast Augmentation vs. Lift: Which Procedure Is Best?, Lincoln, Nebraska

Many women hope to create a tighter and more pleasing bustline, and, as a result, consider cosmetic procedures like breast augmentations and lifts. But how does one know which option is best? In Lincoln, NE, Bryant Cosmetic Surgery addresses this and many other questions related to plastic surgery, which has earned them the respect of both patients and peers alike.

A Guide to Breast Augmentations & Lifts

What Is Breast Augmentation?

For women looking to increase their breasts’ cup size, an augmentation is the best option. This surgery entails placing implants (constructed from either silicone or saline) into the breast to create a fuller look. While the surgeon needs to make an incision to place the implant, scarring is typically minimal and in a hard-to-notice area. Augmentation focuses on improving the size and shape and does not correct drooping or sagging breasts.

How Do Breast Lifts Work?

breast augmentationConversely, the primary goal of a breast lift is to create a firmer, perkier bustline (without necessarily expanding the cup size). Unlike augmentation, this procedure entails a repositioning of the nipple to fit the newly lifted breast. Because the results are less dramatic, many women opt for a combination of both procedures. A skilled cosmetic surgeon will assist in determining whether someone is a suitable candidate for either option.

Ready to take the next step in breast augmentation or lift surgery? Contact Bryant Cosmetic Surgery in Lincoln to learn more about the many effective procedures. With 30 years’ experience, their surgeons help women feel more confident and radiant. Call (402) 484-7001 to set up a consultation, or visit the website for more information on the practice’s services. 

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