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4 Key Considerations That Determine Bail November 24, 2017

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4 Key Considerations That Determine Bail, Rocky Fork, Missouri

In the United States judicial system, defendants arrested and accused of a crime don’t necessarily have to stay in custody until their day in court. Thanks to bail bonds, a defendant can pay a set fee to be released until their trial begins. Here’s what you need to know about how a judge decides on your bail.

Top 4 Factors Considered When Setting Bail

1. Alleged Crime

BailA serious crime will always result in a higher bail amount. If you’re accused of a violent crime or large-scale drug possession, you might have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure release pending trial. 

2. Missed Court Appearances

When deciding on bail amount, the judge will also review your history with the judicial system. If your record notes you’ve failed to appear in court in the past, for example, the monetary amount will be higher to reflect missed appointments.

3. Criminal Record

If you’re accused of a minor crime and it’s your first violation, the judge will usually set a lower bail based on the standard schedule. Should you have a lengthy criminal history and previous jail time on your record, the court might not be as lenient. 

4. Flight Risk 

After reviewing your criminal record and the allegations against you, a judge will also gauge whether you could be a flight risk to skip town, based on assets, connections to organized crime, or the penalties you’re facing. While some flight risk cases are denied bail, others will be granted the option at a very high price tag to increase the likelihood of your return. 


While it can be a stressful experience for you or a loved one to be arrested, bail can help set you free, so you can plan your next move. Richard Cloud Bail Bonding has been helping families throughout the Columbia, MO, area post bail for loved ones for over 37 years. To learn more about the process and why they’ve become the region’s leading bail bond company, visit their website or call them at (573) 442-0078. 

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