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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Bangkok Chef to Cater Your Next Event November 8, 2017

Manoa, Honolulu
3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Bangkok Chef to Cater Your Next Event, Honolulu, Hawaii

Appetizing, attractive, and affordable food are crucial to the success of any event. If preparing dishes yourself doesn't fit into the schedule, then catering is an ideal alternative. When families and businesses in Honolulu need to feed a large group, they count on Bangkok Chefthe city’s favorite Thai food restaurant.

Why Bangkok Chef Should Cater Your Event 

1. Experience & Expertise

Restaurants that provide catering services base their menus on what is most popular among their diners and easiest to replicate in large servings. Since Bangkok Chef is open seven days a week at multiple locations, their chefs are masters in meal preparation and consistency, so every plate tastes delicious. The restaurant was founded by a native of Thailand, meaning their food is also authentic.

2. Guaranteed Freshness

catering Honolulu HISince restaurants buy fresh ingredients for their regular business operations, you can count on receiving the same quality food from their catering service. Buying ingredients they already use allows restaurant chefs to focus on flavor and recreating their most popular dishes, so your guests are satisfied. Whether you serve cashew nut chicken or tropical mango salad, every plate is guaranteed to be fresh, tasty, and aromatic.

3. Taste Tests

No one knows authentic Asian food like the team at Bangkok Chef. Although many private catering companies schedule menu tastings before an event, restaurants give party planners more flexibility. You can choose between take-out and dine-in options to sample dishes and find out which dishes are among the establishment’s most popular. Being able to taste the food in a relaxed setting lets you focus on the taste and make a more informed decision.

For over 15 years, Bangkok Chef has provided groups in Honolulu with high-quality catering services and mouthwatering food. From jasmine rice and green curry to summer rolls and Thai iced tea, their trained team of chefs prepare each dish to your preferences. To place an order, call (808) 585-8839 in Nuuanu, (808) 941-2888 in Moiliili, (808) 988-0212 in Manoa, (808) 744-6387 in Ewa Beach, or (808) 536-8570 in Iwilei. Visit them online to browse their catering menu of authentic Thai food.

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