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Chiropractic Health Professionals on the Significance of Your Sleep Position April 17, 2018

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Chiropractic Health Professionals on the Significance of Your Sleep Position, North Pole, Alaska

Body language reveals a lot about your personality, and not just when you’re awake. Your sleep position is also telling of certain character traits. Here, the chiropractic health professionals of North Pole Chiropractic in Alaska explain what your snooze habits say about you—and reveal which sleep stance is best for your back health.

Read on for some common positions and what they may mean:

  • chiropractic healthLike a Baby: If you sleep curled up in the fetal position on your side, you’re likely a sensitive person at heart—even if you put on a tough face. Those who sleep in this position may also be shy when first meeting people.
  • Log-Style: If you snooze on your side, with your arms at your sides, you’re resting in the “log” position. Individuals who favor this style may be easy-going, sociable, and trusting. Another version of the log, the “yearning log”, is characterized by a person stretching their arms out while on their side. These individuals likewise have an open nature.
  • On Your Stomach: If you like to sleep on your stomach with your head turned to the side, you’re likely a talkative and outgoing person. 
  • Straight Like a Soldier: The “soldier” position consists of lying on your back with your arms pinned to your sides. These sleepers tend to be quiet and reserved when they’re awake.

As any chiropractic health expert will tell you, your sleep position does more than indicate personality traits—it also plays a major role in spine health. Stomach sleepers, for instance, often experience neck pain. If you can, it’s best to doze on your back or on your side, in a “log” position. When doing so, you may also benefit from placing a pillow between your knees, as this gives the spine a more favorable, stable alignment. A pillow between your arms, meanwhile, can open the chest, lungs, and airways.

If you find yourself waking up with neck or back pain, see a chiropractic health professional. For help in Alaska, look to North Pole Chiropractic. This family care practice assists both children and adults in overcoming injuries and musculoskeletal concerns using top-quality chiropractic, nutritional, and lifestyle services. You can find out more about their offerings online. For an appointment, call (907) 488-1885.

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