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How Mouth Guards Prevent Tooth Repair September 6, 2018

Brookline, Norfolk
How Mouth Guards Prevent Tooth Repair, Brookline, Massachusetts

With school back in session and fall sports in full swing, it is important to know that sports-related dental injuries are exceedingly common. Your best defense (no pun intended) is simply wearing a mouth guard. The use of a mouth guard can help stave off costly tooth repair and keep your smile fully intact. Smileboston Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, with offices outside of Boston, Massachusetts, specializes in helping patients achieve natural, healthy and attractive smiles. Below, we discuss the importance of mouth guards and how they will help prevent injuries.

Understanding the Connection Between Mouth Guards & Tooth Repair

What Are Mouth Guards?

tooth repairA mouth guard is a molded piece of plastic or other material that offers protection to the teeth during sporting activities. These days, most people are aware of the dangers associated with certain sports, especially when children are involved. While injuries can’t always be averted, when mouth guards are used in conjunction with helmets and other protective gear, the risk of serious injury can be greatly mitigated. Although mouth guards are imperative for contact sports like football and hockey, they can also prove beneficial for any sport where trauma to teeth may potentially occur, such as soccer or baseball.

Why Are They Important?

Mouth guards can prevent a number of injuries to the teeth. For instance, any existing dental work can be damaged by a blow to the mouth, requiring extensive surgery to repair. Trauma to teeth can also result in chips and cracks, which can be uncomfortable and lead to further complications. Mouth guards are also effective in preventing serious injuries to the jaw or other facial bones. 

Optimal oral health can make you feel great inside and out! Smileboston Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, with two offices in Brookline, MA and on Boston’s South Shore, is a full-service dental practice that offers mouth guards, general and laser dentistry and full smile makeovers. To schedule an appointment call (617) 277-4100 for our Brookline location or (781) 826-7577 for our South Shore office. For more information, please visit Smileboston online where you can view our full menu of services. 

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