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What Are the Benefits of Glass Block? November 9, 2017

Vineland, Cumberland
What Are the Benefits of Glass Block?, Vineland, New Jersey

Home designers have long used glass block as an attractive kitchen or bathroom accent. However, its use in bedrooms and living rooms is growing in popularity — and for good reason; glass block provides homeowners with various benefits unmatched by traditional windows. Below, the experts at R. E. Cummines in Vineland, NJ, discuss a few of the many advantages.

5 Key Benefits of Glass Block

Energy Efficiency

glass-blockWhen compared to single-pane windows, glass block is easily twice as efficient and completely airtight. Glass block serves as a thermal barrier, reducing heat gain during the summer and heat loss throughout the winter, lowering monthly energy costs.

Light Transparency

Natural light is always in demand. Glass block provides a high level of light transmission, often equal to that of double-glazed insulating windows. With strategic planning, visual effects can be achieved, creating a unique, tranquil environment.

Sound Insulation

Glass block provides a level of sound insulation single-pane windows cannot. This is due to the vacuum created inside the blocks during production, which — when combined with their mass — offer noise reduction superior even to brick.


Although glass block allows a great deal of natural light to pass through, it does not provide a clear view of the interior. Whereas regular windows must be dressed in curtains and blinds, glass block does not require such accessories to ensure privacy.


Traditional glass windows can be cracked or broken with a little more than a rock or baseball. Glass block, on the other hand, is highly durable, cannot be easily dismantled, and is resistant to force. Furthermore, glass blocks hold up wonderfully in extreme weather conditions and can prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

If you are considering glass block for your Vineland, NJ, home, R. E. Cummines is the company to call. Backed by over 60 years of experience, their seasoned professionals specialize in various commercial and residential projects, including hardscaping, landscaping, masonry, stamped concrete, and outdoor patios. Visit them online or call (856) 691-4040 for your free estimate.

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