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3 Spray Tan Tips You Need to Know Before Winter November 10, 2017

3 Spray Tan Tips You Need to Know Before Winter, Stillwater, Oklahoma

The summer sun has long faded, leaving many people longing for the deep, dark tan they earned after spending time outside. The winter is the perfect time to try a popular sunless tanning option: the spray tan! This tanning trick allows you to achieve a lasting bronze in a matter of minutes. The key to making the most of your spray tan is to know how to prepare as well as how to care for the color after it’s been applied. 

Below are three tricks to help you keep your spray tan looking flawless:

  • Exfoliate Before: The most important thing you can do to ensure a perfect spray tan is to use a gentle exfoliant on your entire body. A mild scrub will whisk away dry, flaky patches and ensure your skin is ready to fully absorb the color of the tan. 
  • spray tanGive It Time: Once you’ve received your spray tan, it’s important to be patient and wait a while before hopping in the shower. While many people are eager to rinse off the excess spray and see the results of the procedure, the color takes hours to fully develop. If you want a deep, dark, and long-lasting tan, keep away from the shower (or pool) for as long as 24 hours. It’s also worth noting during this waiting period, you should wear loose and breathable clothing to allow the tan to develop correctly. 
  • Moisturize After: The best way to keep your tan from fading after a week or so is to be consistent about moisturizing. Dry skin tends to lose pigment more quickly, so your best bet for maintaining your golden glow is to moisturize after every shower. This will keep your tan looking dewy for up to a month. 


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