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Chiropractor's 3 Important Reasons to Reconsider Back Surgery November 10, 2017

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Chiropractor's 3 Important Reasons to Reconsider Back Surgery , St. Peters, Missouri

When a spinal surgeon recommends an invasive treatment for your back pain, it is time to see a chiropractor for a second opinion. Mid Rivers Chiropractic in St. Peters, MO, believes physicians recommend surgery too often for patients when natural, non-invasive solutions are available to heal their injury. Learn more about the most important reasons to think twice about back surgery and what you can do instead.

Failed Procedures

Saint-Peters-ChiropractorWhile patients receive back surgery for everything from herniated discs to spinal fusion, failed procedures are common. Research suggests up to 40% of back surgeries do not relieve pain or make discomfort worse. Instead of spending time and money on a potentially ineffective treatment, try chiropractic spinal adjustment and acupuncture before committing to invasive options.

Extensive Recovery

Many surgeries for back pain require weeks of post-operative recovery and extensive physical therapy. It can take months for the spine to fully heal, which makes each procedure a substantial commitment. Some patients have to take time off work and may require assistance to move around after surgery. Men and women who are interested in healing their back while minimizing disruptions are great candidates for chiropractic care.

Better Solutions

Most patients agree they want to avoid surgery, if possible. If you have chronic irritation in your lumbar spine or discomfort in your upper back, regular chiropractic adjustments are beneficial. Your chiropractor will use proven, hands-on techniques to align your spine naturally. Manual spinal adjustments can restore healthy function to the back’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments and increase circulation and blood flow required for healing. This allows your back to mend without prescription drugs or anesthesia.

Chiropractic treatment can help you avoid surgery while healing your pain. To discuss your back injury and solutions with a chiropractor, call Mid Rivers Chiropractic in St. Peters, MO, at (636) 279-1400. For information about their adjustments and acupuncture, visit their website.

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