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To Fix or Not to Fix? iPhone Repair Wizards Give Their Input March 5, 2015

Garment District, Manhattan
To Fix or Not to Fix? iPhone Repair Wizards Give Their Input, Manhattan, New York

The unimaginable happened: You weren’t paying attention, dropped your iPhone and now the screen is shattered. Actually, it is imaginable and happens all the time. According to ABC News, 30% of Americans will damage their iPhones within the next 12 months. This all too common occurrence begs the question: Should you have the smartphone fixed or purchase a new one? As part of Manhattan’s leading provider of iPhone repair, cell phone repair and computer maintenance, the technicians at I Love iPhone Repairs point out that maintenance is often the savvier choice.

Why is that? There are three major reasons:

  1. Relative Cost: Unless you qualify for an upgrade, the price of a new iPhone costs up to $450, whereas repairs typically run in the $100 or less range.
  2. The Environment: Thrown away iPhones, smartphones and other gadgets account for 50 million tons of e-waste a year. While you can safely recycle old phones, an even more conscious choice is to have your current one fixed.
  3. Personalization: While most devices allow cloud storage to back up your contacts, photos and videos, you can save yourself the hassle of re-uploading all of this material into a new phone by having it fixed. Additionally, you’ve already personalized your current phone to suit your needs, a process through which you’d have to go again if you got a new one.

Whether you’re having cosmetic issues or problems with functionality, I Love iPhone Repair will be able to take care of it, usually within 30 minutes or less. No computer or phone repair technicians in the city are better qualified or more eager to get that iPhone or smartphone back to its former glory. Learn more about this unique company and the many things they can do for you by visiting them online, calling (646) 641-2705 or simply stopping by their Garment District location.  

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