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3 Ways to Prep for Medical Tech School Admissions Interviews November 17, 2017

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3 Ways to Prep for Medical Tech School Admissions Interviews, Ocean, New Jersey

A career in a medical field gives you the opportunity to help people every day and make a difference. At Medical Career Institute, in Ocean Township, NJ, they offer programs designed to prepare you for several potential jobs in this industry. Because they’re a quality medical tech school, where they value making sure the clinical assistants they send out into the world are highly-qualified, there is an admissions interview that you must participate in before you can get accepted into the program.

3 Tips for a Successful Admissions Interview at NJ’s Medical Tech School

1. Research the Prerequisites

Medical-Tech-School-Ocean-Township-NJDifferent programs have different prerequisites. For instance, to gain acceptance to the diagnostic medical sonography program, you need to have obtained at least 48 college credits within the last five years, and you must have taken an advanced mathematics course. Contact the school when you decide which program you plan to enroll in to ensure you understand the prerequisites. Bring proof that you meet them when you arrive at your interview.

2. Write Your Own Mission Statement

No matter what program you plan to enroll in, whether it be the diagnostic medical sonography program, the surgical technology program, or any other, the team at Medical Career Institute wants to know you’re truly passionate about your future career. Writing out your own mission statement ahead of time helps you better understand why you want this type of role. That makes it easier to convey your passion and enthusiasm during your interview.

3. Gather Required Documents

All applicants must have a government-issued ID and social security card. Again, depending on the nature of your program, you may also need to prove you’ve met certain academic prerequisites. Gather these documents ahead of time so you can supply them if necessary at the interview.

At Medical Career Institute, NJ’s premier medical tech school, they value the role you’re going to play in the future. That’s why they want to make sure you’re committed. Contact them online to learn more about the application process, or call (732) 695-1190.

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