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3 Pieces of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Every New Restaurant Needs November 16, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
3 Pieces of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Every New Restaurant Needs, Honolulu, Hawaii

The kitchen is the most important part of any new dining establishment. Choosing the right commercial kitchen equipment makes it easier to prepare delicious food and keep customers happy. While the exact layout of your kitchen will depend on the amount of space you have and type food you plan to serve, there are a few basics found in nearly every restaurant.

Top 3 Types of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

1. Commercial Ovens, Ranges, & Microwaves

Having multiple ways to cook food allows your staff to produce dishes quickly. Ovens and ranges are the most common choices for baked, roasted, and sauteed entrees, but you may also need a microwave to thaw frozen items quickly. Choose commercial kitchen equipment that fits into the space without blocking walkways and has enough cooking surfaces to fulfill your team’s needs.

2. Commercial Dishwashers

commercial kitchen equipment Honolulu HIThe more customers you serve, the more the dishes will pile up. You need a way to get plates and silverware back in circulation quickly, and a heavy-duty dishwasher will fulfill that task. Look for a unit that can hold table setups and cooking equipment. Some models can finish cleaning a load or minutes or even seconds, so you never run out tableware.

3. Coolers

Refrigeration is essential for keeping ingredients fresh and safe for consumption. Many restaurants have either a full walk-in cooler or a reach-in cooler for daily use as well as a deep freezer for long-term food storage. Look for a unit that fits into the available space and meets the kitchen staff’s needs. Find out how many ingredients and prepared food items they need to keep cool throughout the day and how much they plan to freeze for later use to find the right balance of features.


When you need commercial kitchen equipment in Honolulu, HI, choose AMSCO. For 45 years, they’ve outfitted restaurants and caterers across the island with the equipment to cook and serve large quantities of delicious food. To discuss your restaurant’s needs, call (808) 423-9631 or send a message online.

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