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3 Reasons Your Pet Needs Regular Visits to the Veterinarian November 10, 2017

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3 Reasons Your Pet Needs Regular Visits to the Veterinarian, South Shenango, Pennsylvania

No one looks forward to going to the doctor, including your pets. However, it’s important to schedule regular visits to the veterinarian. Middlefield Veterinary Clinic, a multi-location veterinary practice, offers small and large animal services for all of Northeastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania. The staff knows that dogs and cats are subject to health issues, just like humans, especially as they age. Regular wellness visits are the only way to maintain their well-being, which is why they should see a veterinarian at least once a year. 

3 Reasons Veterinarian Visits Are Important


Dogs and cats require pet vaccination updates every couple of years. These are vital aspects of preventative health, ranging from protecting them from common diseases to regulating any allergies. Your veterinarian is the only person who should administer them, as they know your pet best. They can also make health assessments and determine which vaccines will keep them healthy on a long-term basis.

Wellness Checkup

veterinarianPets are notorious for hiding symptoms, and without much medical training, it can be difficult for you to determine if they’re suffering from any health issues. Wellness exams are the only way you can be certain that they’re healthy, and if they suffer from illnesses, catching them early can have a significant effect on their progression. This is also the only time your veterinarian will conduct a comprehensive exam throughout the year, and it’s crucial to maintaining your pet’s health.

Owner Education

There are many steps you should take to keep your pet healthy. This can range from choosing the right foods, getting them the right amount of exercise, and knowing how to care for them if they have a chronic illness or they’re aging. A veterinarian is your best resource, and during regular visits, they’ll provide valuable information. It’s also a great time to ask questions, so you can confidently care for your pet throughout the year.

If you’re ready to schedule a wellness exam for your pet, turn to the staff at Middlefield Veterinary Clinic. They offer comprehensive pet care services at their animal hospital and take every step to ensure your pet is happy and healthy. Call (440) 632-9181 to speak with the staff, and visit the website and Facebook page to learn more about the services offered.

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