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How to Deal With Smoke Damage After a Property Disaster November 13, 2017

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How to Deal With Smoke Damage After a Property Disaster, Kalispell, Montana

If you’ve had the misfortune of dealing with a house fire, smoke damage is one of the most important issues you’ll need to address in the aftermath. Not only is it unsightly but destructive towards both your building and personal health. To minimize its harmful effects, smoke damage should be dealt with immediately, ideally by a property disaster professional.

5 Tips to Deal With a Smoke-Damaged Home

Wear Protective Clothing

property disasterSoot exposure can cause and exacerbate respiratory conditions. Before even entering your smoke damaged property, protect yourself with work gloves, a respiratory mask, and a smock or overalls. Do not let family or friends enter unless they’re protected.

Ventilate the Space

Property disaster professionals recommend keeping your home properly ventilated during all cleanup and mitigation efforts. Open up windows and fit them with box fans blowing outwards, so people are at less risk of soot inhalation and exposure.

Call a Property Disaster Company

For fire and smoke odor removal and cleanup, with the best technology available for the job, look no further than a licensed professional. They will thoroughly clean every surface of your home and remove excess particles using a high-efficiency particulate air vacuum.

Launder All Clothing & Upholstery

For the most thorough cleanup, launder all clothing, curtains, and anything else made of fabric in your home. Your smoke mitigation contractor might also recommend professional carpet cleaning.

Clean the Outside

The exterior of your home also needs to be addressed, as soot damage will only worsen as time goes on. Expect your smoke mitigation contractor to use a hose with a specialized cleaner for this part of the job.


It’s never easy getting back to normal following a property disaster, but it is possible. If you need assistance mitigating the effects of smoke damage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with FloodCo. The fully insured and licensed contractors are available to help the Flathead Valley and northwest Montana areas. For questions about their fire mitigation and carpet cleaning services, call (406) 892-1717 or visit them online.

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