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Waxing, The Royal Treatment February 19, 2015

Perry, Monroe
Waxing, The Royal Treatment, Perry, Indiana

Good job to all you waxing pro's out there for keeping the hair off during the winter months! But, let's face it, there are so many more of you out there who just let it grow and grow and grow! So before you head back into see your favorite esthetician, I just wanted you to know where all this started from and why you should feel like royalty when you get waxed.

This all started centuries back with the ancient Egyptian's, more specifically with the wife of the divine Pharoah. She removed every last hair from her body, setting the standard for beauty, innocence and youth, a smooth and hairless body. Every Egyptian women followed suit, making sure that not a single hair remained on their bodies.

The rest of the world picked up the practice of hair removal throughout the centruries with the Greeks showing it in their statues and Queen Elizabeth I dictating facial hair removal only. In the modern day we can thank the bikini for pushing forward the need for hair removal through waxing and sugaring. Then to kick it up a notch, the Brazilian was introduced to us here in the states back in the late 1980's by Brazilian born sisters. Today, waxing, sugaring or hair removal is alive and well and is possibly one of the most widely used methods to defy age and retain a woman's youthful appearance.

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Courtesy Eric Linder, Owner, Tranquil Vibe Day Spa