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Concrete Company Explains What You Need to Know About Concrete Overlays November 28, 2017

West Plains, Howell
Concrete Company Explains What You Need to Know About Concrete Overlays, West Plains, Missouri

Is your home burdened with bare, unattractive concrete floors? If so, you may want to consider concrete overlays, an increasingly popular option for indoor and outdoor applications. As West Plains, MO’s go-to concrete company, Olson Precast Concrete has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Here, their experts share a few things you should consider before installing concrete overlays on your property.

A Guide to Concrete Overlays 

What Are Concrete Overlays?

concrete companyA concrete overlay is installed when a cement-based coating is applied over concrete floors. Instead of removing the original flooring to install a new one, a concrete contractor can install an overlay over existing surfaces. Overlays result in durable surfaces that are both visually and functionally versatile. While an overlay is not ideal if your existing floor has severe cracks or is positioned over an unstable foundation, it is an excellent way to cover up a floor with discoloration. If your original flooring has minor cracks, call a local concrete company like Olson Precast Concrete to repair the damage before installing the overlay.

Why Are Overlays Used?

In addition to covering an old floor, concrete overlays can lend variety to existing slabs through the addition of patterns, texture, and color. In fact, you can use stains and dyes on interior flooring to create unique color combinations and patterns. Overlays will also preserve the integrity of the old concrete flooring by staving off the need for replacement. Pool decks and patios are popular places for concrete overlays.

How Are They Maintained?

Once an experienced concrete contractor installs an overlay, you can expect it to last for years. With the application of a high-quality sealant, the surface will be easy to keep clean. It will also prevent stains from penetrating the finish, repel water, and resist scratches. Despite these benefits, some routine maintenance is necessary. It largely depends on whether or not the area receives heavy foot traffic. Interior concrete overlays only need regular mopping and dusting to keep clean. Pressure washing is an ideal upkeep technique for outdoor overlays.

If you’re ready to transform your drab flooring with a stunning concrete overlay, count on Olson Precast Concrete to get the job done right. As West Plains’ go-to concrete company, they have the skills and cutting-edge technology to address your needs and realize your vision. Call them today at (417) 256-1500 for a free estimate or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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