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Top 3 Enchanting Bridal Hair & Makeup Ideas November 13, 2017

Chelsea, Manhattan
Top 3 Enchanting Bridal Hair & Makeup Ideas, Manhattan, New York

As they plan out their wedding, many brides attempt to pick out the hair and makeup style they want for the big day. Yet, finding the right bridal hair inspiration can be difficult, if you don’t know what to look for. Thankfully, the haircut and styling experts at Bloom Beauty Lounge, based in New York, NY, have made it their mission to help customers find that perfect style. Here, they even share a few ideas you should consider.

3 Bridal Hair & Makeup Ideas You Should Consider

1. Vintage

If you love the look of hairstyles from a particular decade, ask your stylist to replicate something similar but tailored to you. For instance, you can opt for elegant curls with a sheer, white bow and bright red lipstick — a look befitting the white-gloved hands of the early 20th century. If your dress reminds you of the roaring 20’s, on the other hand, opt for a softer style in makeup. Short hair can be curled, while long hair may need to be pulled up for this look — and you can top it off with a delicate floral headband to emulate the decade.

2. Half-Up

While vintage may be nice for some brides, many prefer to choose styles fitting today’s fashion choices. And, it seems that half-up, half-down styles are becoming more popular each year. With this style, you can show off long hair with elegance, style, and grace, while still creating a look that can be formal and casual. You can also pair it with a neutral makeup look that allows your natural beauty to stand out.

3. Braided

hair-inspirationAnother unique option is the braided hairstyle, which can be incorporated into any other style or made into a romantic look of its own. Consider one large bohemian braid that rests elegantly on a shoulder throughout the ceremony. Or, if you want a braid that’s more subtle, you may opt for a smaller one that wraps around your crown. Braided updos and waterfall braids are also all the rage if you’re looking to put a unique twist on a classic.

As you consider several bridal hair options, turn to Bloom Beauty Lounge for their expertise and guidance. These hair salon professionals can consult with you, evaluating your hair to determine what will work best, and create a style as unique and elegant as you always dreamed. If you’d like to set up a consultation, reach out to them by calling (212) 255-9355. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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