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When Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer? November 14, 2017

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When Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?, Groton, Connecticut

If you get hurt at work, you might have questions about filing a claim and seeking compensation. While incidents that result in minor injuries usually don’t require legal guidance, the situation can quickly become more complicated than the average person is prepared to handle alone. Seeking the assistance of a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer is a crucial step to receiving approval for your claim and getting the settlement offer you deserve. 

3 Reasons You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The Claim Is Denied

Many legitimate workers’ compensation claims are denied at the outset for no real reason other than the belief that workers are often reluctant to appeal. The right attorney will advocate on your behalf to overturn this decision. Their efforts greatly increase your chance of receiving the benefits you deserve.

The Compensation Offer Is Insufficient

workers' compensation Groton CTWorkplace injuries can result in numerous costs related to initial medical exams and ongoing care. If you are unable to work, these costs can present a financial burden. A workers’ compensation attorney will evaluate whether your employer’s settlement offer is sufficient for your needs. They will calculate an appropriate sum based on past cases and the specifics of your situation to persuade the compensation board to make a fair offer.  

The Injury Is Long-Term or Permanent

If the personal injury is severe, it may result in long-term or permanent effects, including disability. If the incident affects your ability to work, workers’ compensation is critical to retaining your financial stability. Unfortunately, some insurance companies want to avoid a significant payout, whether it’s a lump sum or series of scheduled benefits.  An effective attorney will structure the claim to emphasize your condition and ongoing needs.


If you have questions about workers’ compensation claims or pursuing a personal injury case, then put your trust in Mark O. Grater Attorney at Law of Groton, CT. This experienced law office goes above and beyond to ensure clients get the vigorous representation and compensation they deserve. Visit the firm online for more information about their practice areas, and call (860)449-8059 to schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney.

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