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3 Impacts of Carpet Backing on Your Office Floor November 15, 2017

Chatsworth, Murray
3 Impacts of Carpet Backing on Your Office Floor, Chatsworth, Georgia

When it comes to the flooring in your office, carpet backing makes a huge difference. This is the material on the underside of the carpet; it impacts comfort and appearance, as well as adding to the overall professionalism of your office space. Here are three reasons carpet backing is essential for your business.

3 Reasons Carpet Backing Makes a Difference for Your Office Floor

1. Durability

If you’d rather not replace your flooring every few years, opt for carpet backing. Sufficient cushioning helps the carpet maintain its shape. A mediocre product, on the other hand, shows footprints and chair marks soon after installation. Investing in high-quality materials saves you money in the long run because you can put off replacing the carpet longer.

2. Comfort

carpet backingWatch where you step, as some landings are softer than others. Depending on your carpet padding, the floor will either feel stiff and crunchy or soft and luxurious. This will impact the health of your employees, as hard surfaces can cause muscle fatigue. Invest in softer flooring to ensure your workers can remain productive as they travel the office.

3. Better Installation

Carpet backing affects the flexibility of the carpet and how well it maintains its shape, which means a product with better cushioning comes out of the installation process with fewer wrinkles and bulges. If you want an office with a more professional appearance, choosing a higher grade of carpet makes a considerable aesthetic difference.


If you need beautiful flooring for your office, contact a professional service. Georgia Carpet Finishers supplies the Chatsworth, GA, area with quality installations. As experts in the field, they can advise clients on which type of carpet backing is right for them. This company has over 10 years of experience supplying carpeting to homes and businesses in Murray County. Visit their website for more information, and call (706) 695-3600 to schedule service.

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