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Top 5 Drink Choices at Fonda La Paloma November 8, 2017

Downtown Milford - Harbor - Post Road South, Milford
Top 5 Drink Choices at Fonda La Paloma, Milford, Connecticut

Fonda La Paloma in Milford, CT, serves authentic Mexican food with authentic fun. Not only do they offer tantalizing Mexican specialties like fajitas and carne asada, but they also present customers with some of the best drink offerings in town. Here are a few of the must-try options you’ll find at Fonda La Paloma.

The 5 Best Drinks at Fonda La Paloma

1. Mimosa Sangria

drinksAt Fonda La Paloma, traditional red and white sangria are joined by the unforgettable mimosa sangria. It’s made with pineapple, orange juice, prosecco and raspberry liqueur. Try it and you’ll discover why this mimosa isn’t just for brunch!

2. Fonda Imperial

A house specialty, the Fonda Imperial is a tropical delight. The pineapple flavor announces itself in a blend of Svedka® mango pineapple vodka, pineapple juice, and raspberry liqueur. It’s the perfect choice for pineapple lovers.

3. Fonda Sipper Cocktail

The Fonda Sipper Cocktail imparts a sweet taste — but not too sweet — followed up with a little bit of jalapeno tingle. It’s a combination of Don Julio® tequila, jalapeno, agave, lime juice, bitters, and cilantro. You’ll see why this drink is called a sipper!

4. Cucumber Hither

This refreshing offering goes wonderfully with almost any Mexican food. Not too heavy, it’s an invigorating mixture of Svedka cucumber lime vodka, lime juice, and mint. Perfect for a warm summer night — or when dreaming of a warm summer night!

5. Blood Orange Margarita

While any of the margaritas at Fonda La Paloma are excellent choices, the Blood Orange Margarita is the ultimate indulgence. It’s a distinctive creation made from Case Noble® tequila, agave nectar, lime juice, and blood orange. It’s best enjoyed before, during, or after a meal!

The fun atmosphere at Fonda La Paloma is something you won’t find at other Mexican restaurants. It’s a great place to get an enchilada, have a drink, and sit back with good friends. If your mouth is watering, visit Fonda La Paloma online and check out their food and drink offerings. You can also call them directly at (203) 693-2924 to reserve your table.

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