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3 Reasons to Ask Your Cable Company About a Whole-House DVR November 23, 2017

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3 Reasons to Ask Your Cable Company About a Whole-House DVR , Lavonia, Georgia

Modern technology has made cable TV more inclusive and convenient than ever before, allowing users to customize their watching schedules. DVRs are a popular choice for most homes, as the service is easily available and makes TV service feel more personalized. While DRV services were previously only available on a per-room basis, they can now be incorporated on a whole-house level with a bit of help from your local cable company. A whole-house DVR is easy, reliable and makes it simple for your family to schedule their programming. 

Below are three reasons you should ask your local cable company about installing a whole-house DVR today:

  • Stream in Every Room: Sharing a single TV with your entire family can be tiresome, especially when everyone wants to watch and record their own shows on the DVR. By opting for a whole-home installation, each member of the family can watch what they want when they want to. This program extends to up to four rooms and can even be streamed using a smart phone or tablet, so even those without a TV in their room can enjoy and record their favorite programs without bogarting the main television. 
  • cable companyMove Around: Have you ever started a show in your living room and struggled to stay awake until the end? With a whole-home DVR system, you can pause the program you’re watching in the living room, move to your bedroom and continue to play the program from there. This option gives you great flexibility and will help you keep your schedule fluid without skipping a minute of the episode. 
  • Save Money: Today, most people are accustomed to the ability to stop, pause and rewind TV, which creates the need for a DVR in every room where there is a TV. Not only is this a hassle to install, but it can be incredibly expensive to purchase multiple DVR setups just to satisfy each member of your family. By purchasing a whole-home DVR system, however, you can take advantage of the valuable savings and pocket the rest of the money for later. While the price of one whole-home DVR is higher than a single-room DVR, it goes about four times as far and will give you unbeatable value in the long run. 


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