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What Are the Benefits of a Truck Lease? November 2, 2017

What Are the Benefits of a Truck Lease?, Henrietta, New York

Once regarded as the luxury or corporate vehicle option, leasing has become something for everyone thanks to more people getting truck leases. Most lease terms are about five years long and end with you returning the truck to the leasing company for a new model. While owning a vehicle still offers plenty of benefits, there are also many reasons to consider a lease.

Why a Truck Lease Is Worth Consideration

Fewer Maintenance & Repair Expenses

truck leaseNot only are monthly lease payments usually lower than loan payments, but you also have fewer maintenance and repair expenses to cover yourself. Owning a truck or any vehicle for an extended period increases the chance of expensive repairs and part replacements, in addition to maintenance items like oil, filters, and tires. Full-service leases cover these costs, so you can enjoy the ride rather than worrying about your next repair charge.

No Depreciation Issues

Cars and trucks start depreciating the moment they leave the dealership lot. A truck lease eliminates this issue because you do not own the vehicle. You can also skip this large down payment entirely depending on what company you lease from.

New Model Trade-In Options

Another reason to consider a truck lease over a loan is the new model trade-in option. Rather than purchasing your truck and having to pay for upgrades or feel stressed because the newest version comes with features your current model does not include, trade your truck in as soon as your lease is up. You will enjoy every new component and feature instead of working with an older model that continues to depreciate.


DeCarolis Truck Rental is the premier truck service proudly serving Rochester, NY. The company offers a full suite of helpful services, including truck leases, inspections, rentals, repairs, and maintenance, as well as nationwide support. Work with the truck service with over 75 years of experience today. Call (585) 427-2670 for the Silvarole Drive location or (585) 254-1169 for the Colfax Street office. Visit their website for an overview of their services.

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