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A Living Room Furniture Company Shares How to Care for Leather December 11, 2017

Dallas, Dallas County
A Living Room Furniture Company Shares How to Care for Leather, Dallas, Texas

Leather is a living room furniture staple: from sectional sofas and loveseats to classy chairs and ottomans, they enhance the comfort and luxury of your home without ever sacrificing aesthetic appeal. That's why knowing how to take care of leather pieces is such an important aspect of good housekeeping.

WOW Furniture, based in Dallas, TX, shares a few tips for looking after your leather furniture:

  • Avoid Soap & Detergent: While many people are accustomed to using whatever's at their disposal to clean their home and furniture, owners should be much more cautious about what they're putting on their leather. Soap and detergent, for example, might work fine on countertops and floors, but it can be a menace for leather pieces. While it may initially clean leather well enough, over time it leaches out the oils, leaving it dry and faded.
  • dining room setUse Leather Protectors: When it comes to leather, there are few generic cleaning products or home remedies as effective as a high-grade leather protector. These widely available cleaning products usually come in a spray bottle and can clean, condition, and protect your leather furniture without leaving it brittle or fading its color. 
  • Keep Out of Sunlight: There's a good reason that no patio furniture is made out of leather. It doesn't take long for the sun to dry out the material, ruining its elasticity and causing creases and cracks. Try to keep your leather furniture at a consistent room temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. 

If you're in the market for leather sofas, living room furniture, dining room sets, or entertainment centers, WOW Furniture should be your top destination. Serving the greater Dallas area, the spacious furniture store offers an impressive array of individual pieces and sets at competitive prices. Visit the living room furniture company‚Äôs website to browse their leather sofas, or call them directly at (214) 320-8989.