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3 Common Types of Family Law Cases November 14, 2017

Granville, Licking
3 Common Types of Family Law Cases, Granville, Ohio

Family law is a practice area related to the legal aspects of domestic relationships. There are many different cases that belong to this category, so it’s important to know how the law works and protects people’s interests. The following guide outlines a few of the most common family law cases attorneys handle.

Family Law Basics

1. Divorce

A divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage. In some cases, the spouses can work out the details of a settlement and custody agreement with the help of their respective lawyers. However, more contentious cases require the involvement of a family law court to divide property equitably and establish a fair child custody arrangement.

2. Conservatorship

family law Granville OHAging parents and other relatives sometimes need additional care as their needs change. In certain situations, an elderly individual may be unable to care for themselves or make important decisions. In this situation, a trusted family member may set up a conservatorship to oversee their loved one’s care and finances. This arrangement allows the appointed person to make legal and medical decisions on their relative’s behalf.

3. Adoption

While bringing a child into your family through adoption is a joyous occasion, it can also be a complex legal matter. Family law attorneys oversee the process to ensure all paperwork is correct, so the contract holds up in court. They will ensure the biological parents' rights are terminated or protected depending on whether the adoption is open or closed. Lawyers also advocate for their clients to show their fitness as parents and demonstrate that the child’s needs will be met.


No matter what type of family law matter you are involved in, the team at Vernau Law, LLC, will provide the quality legal counsel you deserve. For over 25 years, they have been representing clients throughout the Granville, OH, area and helping them achieve family harmony. Call (740) 587-2637 to schedule a consultation, and visit the firm online to learn more about their legal services.

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