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Hartford, CT, Attorney Shares 3 Facts About Property Theft Crimes November 14, 2017

Hartford, Hartford, CT
Hartford, CT, Attorney Shares 3 Facts About Property Theft Crimes, Hartford, Connecticut

There are many types of criminal acts that fall under the umbrella of property theft crime, including burglaries, robberies, and shoplifting. The punishment for property theft offenses depends on the cost of what was stolen and the nature of how the theft occurred. Below, attorney Jeremy N. Weingast of Weingast Law in Hartford, Connecticut, shares three important things to know about property theft crimes.

3 Key Details About Property Theft Crimes

1. Simple Theft Typically Comes With Lighter Penalties

attorneyA case of simple theft is often straightforward to prosecute and accompanied by lighter penalties like fines or abbreviated jail time. Cases of more involved theft tend to come with charges, in addition to property theft, which means the potential for more serious consequences. An armed robbery, for instance, could bring additional weapons charges or if the weapon was used, charges of murder or attempted murder could follow. These cases will be met with harsher punishments.

2. Intention Is Key

When navigating a property theft case, the intention of the accused is essential to how the case inevitably plays out. For example, robbery charges entail an intention beyond simple thievery; they imply the accused intended to terrorize or harm others with a weapon as part of the robbery. With burglary, on the other hand, the intention is usually to steal money or goods, and there is little, if any, evidence of wanting to harm others in the process. These distinctions can be helpful to understanding criminal law charges and potential penalties.

3. Property Theft Charges Will Stay on Your Record

If you are convicted of a property theft crime, you can expect the charges to probably stay on your criminal record. Once you have paid your fines or served your jail time, you may encounter issues having a criminal record attached to your name; finding a home to rent or a job could prove challenging. This is why it’s crucial to have an attorney looking out for your interests at every step of the legal process.

Trust Attorney Jeremy N. Weingast of Weingast Law. With more than three decades of experience in criminal law, family law, and personal injury cases, he will be your legal advocate. Call (860) 233-1440, visit Weingast Law online, or reach out to them on Facebook to arrange a consultation.

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