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5 Reasons to Dine With Your Children at a Family Restaurant November 8, 2017

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5 Reasons to Dine With Your Children at a Family Restaurant, Richburg, South Carolina

Sharing meals together was once an everyday aspect of family life, but since children and parents alike are always on-the-go these days, it’s not always easy to get together for family dinners. However, research shows having dinner together is critically important to the wellness of your family members. One way to make meals easier and more enjoyable is to share them at your favorite family restaurant. Here, Country Omelet in Richburg, SC, explains why family meal time is so important.

5 Reasons to Schedule Dinners at a Family Restaurant

1. Boost School Performance

Studies show that family dinner conversations have the power to improve vocabulary in children even more than reading. Students who dine regularly with family members also have higher grade-point averages and better self-esteem.

2. Maintain Wellness

Whether it’s at a family restaurant or in your own home, eating with your children helps guide them toward healthy choices. Establishing a solid nutritional foundation early on can even set your child up for a lifetime of eating well. In fact, one study links family meals shared during teenage years to lowered obesity levels in adults.

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3. Support Mental Health

The conversations shared during family dinners are monumentally important during preteen and adolescent years, when children may be more vulnerable to peer pressure and bullying. Research shows that children are less likely to use drugs, smoke, or drink when they have regular family dinners, and they’re also less inclined to be depressed or have suicidal thoughts.

4. Stay Connected

In a Columbia University study, children confirmed they’d be most likely to talk to their parents during dinnertime. Family meals provide a regular, ongoing opportunity for parents to check in on small achievements, concerns, and any other important experiences their children may be facing.

5. Reduce Stress

The same Columbia research listed above also established a link between lowered stress levels in children and regular family dinners. Of course, parents can also benefit from reduced stress, which is simply another reason why enjoying meals together is advantageous for the whole family.

Juggling family responsibilities isn’t easy, but it’s clear that sharing meals together is among the most important things you can do for your kids. If you’re seeking a hearty meal you can share together without the stress of cooking or cleaning, look no further than Country Omelet. The 24-hour restaurant is open around-the-clock for your convenience and serves up healthy options like eggs and grilled specialties. To learn more about the family restaurant, call (803) 789-5840 or visit them online today.

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