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How 5 Different Thanksgiving Foods Affect Your Pet’s Health November 7, 2017

Waipahu, Ewa
How 5 Different Thanksgiving Foods Affect Your Pet’s Health, Ewa, Hawaii

Your pet is part of the family, so when the holiday festivities arrive, it’s only natural that you want your furry friend to be a part of them. But, before sliding a sliver of turkey into your cat’s food bowl, it’s important to take your pet's health into consideration. This Thanksgiving, keep your pets happy and healthy by learning about which seasonal foods are safe to feed them.

5 Safe & Unsafe Thanksgiving Foods for Your Pet’s Health

1. Corn Is Okay

Generally, corn is safe for pets to eat; however, you need to shave the corn off the cob before feeding any to your pet. While most animals can easily swallow corn kernels, corn cobs can get lodged in your pet’s intestines and cause digestive difficulty.

2. Skip the Stuffing

Provided that an animal does not have any allergies, most pets can safely consume wheat and white bread. Nevertheless, stuffing can be dangerous for a pet because of its additives. Garlic, onions, scallions, and chives contain a sodium known as thiosulfate. Although harmless to a human, this agent can be toxic to cats and dogs.

3. Make Turkey a Treat

pet's healthWhile lean meat is okay for an animal to consume, turkey should be served in moderation. Before letting your pet chow down on the turkey dinner, remove any skin, fat, and dark meat from the bird; these parts can obstruct a pet’s digestive tract. To prevent your pet from choking, remove any bones as well.

4. Mashed Potatoes in Moderation

When prepared with minimal amounts of salt and butter, a pet can enjoy small servings of mashed potatoes. If you decide to feed your pet mashed potatoes, refrain from dressing the dish with gravy. High in fat, gravy can clog your pet’s arteries and upset their stomach.

5. Green Beans Are Good

Green beans are healthy for pets to consume. Nutrient-rich and low in calories, these vegetables are full of beneficial compounds, such as vitamins and iron. If you’re serving a pet canned green beans, however, opt for the unsalted option.  


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