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4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Insulation Contractors November 15, 2017

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4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Insulation Contractors, Middletown, New York

A well-insulated home is a happy home. Insulation reduces air leaks and heat loss in property walls, attics, and additional spaces. With proper insulation, you don’t have to rely as much on energy-draining HVAC equipment to keep interiors comfortable. If this sounds attractive, you should know that some insulation contractors are more qualified to install and maintain the lining than others, which is why you should ask a few routine questions before signing a contract. With the right background information, you’ll be better equipped to find the right person for the job. 

Ask These 4 Questions Before Hiring Insulation Contractors

1. Are You Licensed & Insured?

insulation contractorRegardless of the scope of the project, you should only work with insulation contractors who are licensed and insured. General liability and worker’s compensation insurance protect you from legal and financial responsibility if anyone gets hurt on the job. Most contractors are required to hold a license in the state(s) they service. To keep their credentials, they must adhere to specific industry standards, best practices, and additional requirements set by the local government. 

2. Will You Provide References?

One of the best ways to gauge an insulation contractor’s abilities is by evaluating past work. Ask each potential hire for references, feedback forms, and testimonial sheets. When reviewing the documents, pay close attention to how long it took to complete each task and how clients felt about the finished product.

3. What Kind of Insulation Do You Recommend?

This question will give you a feel for the contractor’s industry knowledge. The person hired should be able to provide specific suggestions based on where you need the material installed and how much of it you need. They should also know how climate affects property comfort, basing the needed insulation R-value on these conditions. 

4. How Long Do You Expect the Project to Take?

Contractors might not be able to provide finish dates until they get started. However, based on past experience, they should be able to give fair approximations. This way, you can anticipate any adjustments to working or living arrangements that need to be made during service.  


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