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A Brief Guide to Bubble Tea November 15, 2017

A Brief Guide to Bubble Tea, Honolulu, Hawaii

When people want alternatives to traditional espresso beverages, they often look for drinks with complex flavors and a jolt of caffeine. That’s why, in restaurants and shops throughout the country, bubble tea is beginning to make a regular appearance on drink menus. Below are a few facts to familiarize you with this unique beverage. 

A Brief Guide to Bubble Tea

What Bubble Tea Is

bubble teaAlthough flavors vary, bubble tea is most often defined as a sweetened iced tea beverage. The drink likely got its name from the tapioca balls that rest at the base of the glass, resembling bubbles when floating in the liquid. The dark, gelatinous tapioca has a subtle flavor, so sugars or fruits are added to provide sweetness. 

Where It Originated

Bubble tea is believed to have been invented by Liu Han Chie in Taichung, Taiwan, in the early 1980s. Working at the Chun Shui Tang teahouse, he added concentrates and tapioca to a tea base to create various flavors and textures. His concoction gained popularity in East and Southeast Asia in the following decade. 

What Varieties Are Available

There are two main forms of bubble tea. One uses fresh fruit, such as strawberry, lychee, honeydew melon, or passion fruit, to add a sweet, tangy flavor. The fruit is typically added to the tea and served over crushed ice. A thicker form of bubble tea is milk-based, so the tea is combined with cream or condensed milk for a decadent flavor.  


In Honolulu, HI, Teapresso Bar is the destination of choice for an eclectic array of fresh, flavorful bubble teas, smoothies, and cafe drinks. With locations on Piikoi Street, Keeaumoku Street, Bishop Street, Waialae Avenue, and Olani Street in Kapolei, you’re always near an outpost for a bubble tea fix. To inquire about their selection of organic teas and coffees, call (808) 591-1840 to speak with a team member. You can also visit the coffee shop online to browse the complete menu, and follow them on Instagram to see photos of their best concoctions. 

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