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How to Choose The Ideal Engine Oil & Lubricants February 26, 2015

Harrison, Hamilton
How to Choose The Ideal Engine Oil & Lubricants, Harrison, Ohio

Regular lubricant changes and other maintenance tasks are crucial for ensuring the long life of your vehicle fleet and industrial machinery. Not all lubricants are equal, however, and the specific product that is best for your equipment depends on a variety of factors. Heyob Energy, providers of the best fuel products to residents around Cincinnati and Harrison, Ohio, is here to provide some guidelines for selecting the best engine oil or lubricant for your application.

Because their viscosity is significantly affected by temperature, the climate where you live plays a key role in determining which lubricants you should use. For instance, in colder climates you will be better off using thicker oils such as 10W-30 in your fleet vehicles, especially if they remain idle much of the time. Thinner oils do not fare well in cold temperatures, and thicker oils can cause startup problems. In hotter climates, on the other hand, you’ll be better off with higher viscosity, like 20W-50.

Heavy duty greases are necessary for agricultural and industrial machinery, depending on the application. Manufacturers typically recommend the ideal lubricant to keep the machinery in optimal operating condition, so consult your owner’s manual before ordering. General-purpose grease will be appropriate in most applications, but be sure to follow the recommended schedule of change intervals.

The petroleum product experts at Heyob Energy will make sure you receive the perfect lubricants for your operation, as well as high-quality gasoline and diesel fuel delivered to your door. Visit their website to learn more about their wide range of services, or just call (513) 367-6868 to schedule your first delivery today.

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