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What Is Bunker Fuel & What Is It Used For? November 8, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
What Is Bunker Fuel & What Is It Used For?, Honolulu, Hawaii

Bunker fuel is used to power cargo ships and is important for many businesses on the island of Oahu. To keep these powerful rigs out on the ocean, the fuel must be strong, thick, and able to handle long journeys. As Honolulu’s go-to propane, gas, and diesel provider, Fuelman Inc explains more about this essential product.

What Is Bunker Fuel?

Bunker fuel is distilled from crude oil and, compared to other products, very thick. It is made up of the oil left behind after gasoline and diesel are separated. Its chemical properties break it down into different categories, each with a unique use. 

What Is Bunker Fuel Used For?

To complete a journey across the ocean, high-quality materials are required. Bunker fuel is what powers ships, with a variety of grades available for each ship type, size, and usage. For modern vessels, fuel is the most expensive operating cost. That’s why it’s crucial to have a dependable provider who can provide it in bulk to save money.

How Is It Graded?

bunkersNot all bunker fuel is the same. The color ranges from light brown to a deep black, and it’s graded on a scale from A to C. C is the thickest, and due to its texture, it requires a heating and blending process to flow properly. High-grade fuels are usually mixed with diesel or other light varieties, making it a more affordable option for lengthy ocean trips. 

Is the Fuel Safe?

As long as it’s handled properly, yes. Bunkers are usually supplied through barges and pipelines, so little human contact takes place. The fuel is hazardous to aquatic life, however, and can spread quickly if it spills. To avoid that risk and power bunkers in a safe, efficient manner, the fuel industry has created safety sheets with detailed instructions, aiming to keep water clean, healthy, and free from leaks. 

When you need bunker fuel for your cargo ships, there’s only one supplier you can trust. Fuelman Inc will deliver bulk amounts so your business continues to function smoothly and you don’t have to handle the transportation yourself. They’ve helped commercial clients in Honolulu for nearly 40 years, and you can depend on them for the high-quality fuel you need. Visit their website for additional information, or call (808) 842-3835 today to set up a delivery schedule.

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