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Are You a Garage Door Owner? Follow These 4 Key Safety Tips November 10, 2017

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Are You a Garage Door Owner? Follow These 4 Key Safety Tips, Rochester, New York

While your garage itself provides a bevy of benefits—storage space, a place for projects, and improved parking, to name a few—the garage door itself poses safety risks. If you don’t know how to keep the door secure, it could result in both personal and property-related injuries. Here are key safety tips to keep in mind.

4 Garage Door Safety Tips

1. Watch Your Garage Door Opener

If you have children, make sure the garage door opener is always out of their reach. Kids love to play around with buttons, but when a heavy exterior door comes into play, they should never have access. Always store the opener in a high, hard-to-reach location and add childproof locks for bonus protection. 

2. Do a Visual Inspection

Signs of damage are simple to spot, so inspect your overhead door at least once a month. Examine every aspect; the springs, cables, and pulleys should all appear clean and function efficiently. If they’re starting to detach or tear, a repairman can conquer the issue before it gets worse, ensuring that your overhead door stays in proper working condition.

3. Test the Reversing Mechanism

garage doorFor proper function, test the door’s reversing mechanism on a monthly basis. This is easy to do; place wooden boards in the door’s path and note how it behaves. Upon contact, the door should reverse immediately; if it doesn’t, contact the professionals. You never want your door to open or swing down unexpectedly, so it will require repairs. 

4. Close the Door Completely

Even if you’re making a quick run to the store, never leave an overhead door partially open. This does more harm than good, as it can slam downwards as soon as it’s reactivated. This is a major safety risk, so keep the door closed no matter how long you’re gone.


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