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Rochester Exterminators Share 3 Pests to Look for This Fall November 15, 2017

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Rochester Exterminators Share 3 Pests to Look for This Fall, Rochester, New York

During fall, temperatures drop rapidly in Upstate New York. Unfortunately, this means many outdoor critters will creep into your living space for warmth. According to the exterminators at Target Pest Control of the Greater Rochester area, knowing what pests invade interiors this season will allow you to determine the best course of prevention.

Below, Rochester’s premier exterminators share three common pests to watch out for this fall:

  • exterminatorBedbugs: Largely due to an influx in travel in and out of the state, New York is one of the areas in the country with the highest rate of bedbug infestations in homes, schools, and commercial spaces. Because these small red insects move around at night, their presence can go virtually undetected. Their bothersome bites can cause property damage and health problems, so call the exterminators at Target Pest Control for help. They will customize an effective bedbug treatment program to meet your needs. 
  • Rodents: Rats and mice also seek shelter indoors once cold weather arrives. These rodents typically creep inside through foundation cracks, snagged door screens, and broken window frames. Not only can rodents cause property damage by chewing through surfaces, but they can also reproduce, intensifying the infestation. After you hire exterminators for rat and mouse removal, seal up vulnerable areas to prevent reentry. 
  • Boxelder Bugs: These bugs also get indoors through damaged property features, such as cracked screens and loose roof joints. Boxelder bugs bite, and their waste can stain property surfaces. These insects can be hard to identify, so call a specialist for help.

If any of the above creatures have infiltrated your home, Target Pest Control will personalize a plan of attack to get rid of the pests and prevent future problems. To schedule an appointment in Rochester or the surrounding areas, call (585) 427-7175 to speak with a representative. Visit the exterminators online to learn how they will restore the comfort and safety of your property.

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