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MindsAhead Academy Hackensack, NJ is an educational organization with a vision to become a leader in delivering a meaningful, high-quality afterschool program to young children and a goal based tutoring service to older children. People, like yourself, are rigorously trained to execute curriculum so that the needs of our students are met.

3 Signs Your Child Could Benefit From Working With a Tutor November 9, 2017

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3 Signs Your Child Could Benefit From Working With a Tutor, Hackensack, New Jersey

Every student has trouble with their schoolwork occasionally. While this is often frustrating, it is usually temporary. However, if your child is consistently having difficulty in school, then they may benefit from working with a tutor. Below, MindsAhead Academy in New Jersey shares three indications you should look for as signs that hiring a tutor may help your child improve in school.

1. They Are Confused in Certain Classes

Students can’t advance in a subject if they haven’t mastered the basics before moving on to new concepts. Kids who frequently have difficulty tackling math topics, for example, could benefit from spending time with a tutor to ensure that they have a firm grasp on the foundational skills before moving on to more advanced ones.

2. They’ve Surpassed Your Knowledge 

tutor Edison NJParents want to offer all the help they can, but many find that their child’s schoolwork is outside their comfort zone. If your child needs help with a topic that you can’t assist with, a professional tutor can fill in the gaps. They’re trained to identify learning opportunities and offer guidance on the techniques your kids are learning in class. Tutors are available to provide homework help and prepare students for upcoming lessons, so they are more likely to thrive in school.

3. They Don’t Want to Go to Class

Kids who are struggling don’t always ask for help. Instead, they may try to avoid going to class and doing their homework. If your child feigns sick during a certain part of the school day or suddenly switches from liking a class to not wanting to go, this may be a reaction to an academic struggle.

The best time to reach out to a tutor is as soon as your child realizes they need help. This will prevent them from falling behind, as they will have the support they need to manage the topics at hand. To work with the caring, experienced tutors at MindsAhead Academy, call (732) 791-4848. Visit their website to learn about their unique after-school offerings from enrichment programs in math, robotics, English, and science to summer camps and tutoring for kids of all ages.

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