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3 Reasons to Consider a Step Deck Trailer for Shipping November 9, 2017

Victor, Ontario
3 Reasons to Consider a Step Deck Trailer for Shipping, Victor, New York

There are many ways to ship and transport large loads; however, depending on what you’re hauling, special equipment may be needed. Step deck trailers are convenient for certain materials, according to the staff at Victor Enterprises, Inc. in Ontario County, NY, and it’s important to recognize the advantages. This will help you identify if this shipping method is right for you.

3 Benefits of Using a Step Deck Trailer

1. Taller Loads

Flatbed and drop deck trailers usually can’t handle taller loads without extensive security and permits. Even then, items can be cumbersome. Step deck trailers are designed to handle taller items, making them ideal for stacked loads, construction machinery, and other heavy freight shipping. In some cases, they may have greater weight limits, and they can be easily secured to semi-trucks for long hauls.

2. Convenience

step-desk-victor-enterprises-incLoads have to be carefully packed to maximize space. Flatbeds require that most pieces be the same shape and size while also not extending beyond height limits. Step deck trailers contain two levels, making it easy to pack multi-sized and differently shaped items securely. The open sides and roof also make it easier to arrange oddly-shaped loads, ensuring you can fit everything you need into one shipping trip.

3. Easier Unloading

When your shipped load arrives, it’s important to get it unloaded safely and efficiently Because step deck trailers are lower to the ground, they’re easier for forklifts and other unloading tools to access. There are fewer complications from lifting from high points, and this also speeds up the unloading process. You can also count on greater safety, as it’s less likely for the items to fall during unloading.

If you’re interested in step deck shipping, turn to the professionals at Victor Enterprises, Inc. They offer a variety of convenient trucking and shipping services and are dedicated to ensuring clients’ packages reach their destinations safely. Call (585) 742-2232 today to speak with their staff and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their services.

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