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The 5 Best Plants to Grow in Your Sunroom November 10, 2017

East Rochester, Monroe
The 5 Best Plants to Grow in Your Sunroom, East Rochester, New York

Homeowners fortunate enough to have a sunroom can enjoy lush, green foliage year-round. While anyone can have a houseplant, there are some types of greenery that thrive exclusively in the bright, unhindered sunlight afforded by these unique rooms. Here are a few plants that will thrive in your sunny space.

5 Plants Perfect for Sunrooms

1. Orchids

The unparalleled beauty of the orchid isn’t always easy to sustain, mostly because they require ample sunlight and water to thrive. While they might not do well in limited light, with plenty of water and unobstructed access to sunlight, they can grow to magnificent heights.

2. Boston Ferns

Implementing ferns is a lovely way to add an element of natural greenery into your home. Boston ferns can excel in the sunroom environment. Keep a spray bottle nearby to spritz the fronds regularly, especially in drier seasons.

3. Hibiscus

Make your living space feel like a tropical oasis by decorating with some colorful hibiscus flowers. While sunny areas are ideal for the plants, they also need a relatively small pot with ample drainage to perform at their best.

4. Begonias

sunroom East Rochester NYLike hibiscus flowers, begonias need drainage to bloom properly. They can tolerate some shade, so if your sills are filling up with other plants, hang them from the ceiling or place them in a more remote location inside your sunroom.

5. Cherry Tomatoes

Imagine having access to fresh tomatoes year-round without ever having to leave your home. Plant some cherry tomato seeds in your sunniest environment, and you can have the perfect red fruit to round out your salads.


If you want to enjoy fresh flowers and natural-light year-round, allow Patio Enclosures in East Rochester, NY, to outfit your home with a beautiful sunroom. To set up a consultation for an installation, call their talented team at (585) 385-9999. For more sunroom ideas, visit their website and like them on Facebook

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