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3 Factors That Affect Professional Hair Straightening Frequency November 6, 2017

Pleasant Ridge, Cincinnati
3 Factors That Affect Professional Hair Straightening Frequency, Cincinnati, Ohio

Changing your hairstyle can change your life. Going from curly and natural to choosing permanent hair straightening is an exciting choice! To make sure your hair is healthy it’s important to consider a few factors before going straight. Below, Donetta’s Personal Touch in Cincinnati, OH, shares three things their clients keep in mind when deciding how frequently to straighten their locks.

These 3 Factors Affect How Frequently You Should Get Professional Hair Straightening

1. Other Processing

Have you recently had your hair colored? Double processing, like adding hair straightening to an already colored ‘do, can cause serious damage. If your hair is colored, wait several months before getting a straightening treatment. In the meantime, avoid heat treatments, and follow a conditioning routine to strengthen your hair so it is ready for straightening.

2. Natural Texture

hair-straightening-cincinnati-ohWhen you get professional hair straightening, the salon expert will assess the texture of your hair. This plays a major role in how your hair will respond to straightening and how often you need to come in for repeat services. Super curly hair will require more frequent treatments while naturally frizzy locks may respond better to more relaxed straightening methods.

3. Hygiene Habits

How often do you wash and condition your hair? Permanent hair straightening can change this routine. You may find that you need to wash your hair more frequently to address dandruff and having a dry scalp. Or, you might have a better hair styling experience if you wash your ‘do fewer times every week because it can hold a style better and doesn’t get oily. The more you straighten your hair, the more damage control you’ll have to do — like masques and conditioning. So, keep this in mind before making your next hair appointment.

Permanent hair straightening lasts until your hair grows out naturally. Speak with your stylist about whether this is a good fit for you. They’ll note how fast your hair grows and offer suggestions based on the factors above to help you decide how often to opt for hair straightening. To work with the experts at Donetta’s Personal Touch on creating your dream hairstyle call (513) 346-8212. Visit the website for information on healthy hair habits, their customized methodology, and personalized salon services.

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