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Take the We Travel Earth Virtual Treasure Hunt Challenge! November 7, 2017

Sheridan, Sheridan
Take the We Travel Earth Virtual Treasure Hunt Challenge! , Sheridan, Wyoming

We Travel Earth is the place for anyone whose wanderlust and sense of adventure cannot be contained. This travel passionate Social Media Platform out of Sheridan, WY, recently created an awesome virtual treasure hunt contest brought to you and your travel-happy friends by Metro Area Treasure Hunts. You must be a registered member of to participate in this crazy-fun hunt where the treasure is virtually hidden somewhere around this beautiful Earth of ours.

Below is some more information about what this exciting hunt entails:

The Treasure Master & First Clue

Once you are registered with We Travel Earth, it is time to “friend” the Treasure Master—the manager of the game. The We Travel Earth Virtual Treasure Hunt is scheduled to start on November 10, 2017, when the Treasure Master issues the first clue. The first participant to figure out the clue will receive the second one privately from the Treasure Master. All other participants must wait 24 hours to receive Clue #2. This continues until the last clue is figured out.

The Race

travel plannerI It is a race against time to decipher the clues and find the prize, which are “hidden” somewhere on Earth. The game requires wit, your best decoding skills, and some geographic knowledge. Send all the answers to the Treasure Master to obtain the final clue before the competitors. Family and friends are welcome to join in on the action as well!

The Details

You cannot share clues publicly during the game, such as on Twitter and Facebook. You must be at least 18 years old to play and agree with all contest rules and conditions. The winner will be announced on the We Travel Earth website and may receive a featured spot on the site, its social media platforms, or any other related publications.

Channel your inner detective by registering with We Travel Earth today! Registering also grants you access to a community of travelers full of tips and tricks to make your next excursion an adventure. Enjoy networking opportunities and budget-friendly travel advice to help you wander the globe. . For more information, send an E-Mail to or visit the website today. Don’t forget to “like” the social community site on Facebook for additional information!

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