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3 Answers to FAQs About Screen Printing December 6, 2017

Hilo, Hawaii
3 Answers to FAQs About Screen Printing, Hilo, Hawaii

Screen printing is a popular method for creating artistic prints. From intricate illustrated posters  to simple logos on T-shirts, screen printing has a wide range of applications. Many people have questions about creating custom apparel with this technique, so the team at Creative Arts Hawaii in Hilo offers these helpful answers.

Screen Printing FAQs

1. How Does the Process Work?

Screen printing starts with a design cut into a fine mesh screen and a series of colored inks that are pressed through it to create lettering or an image on a flat surface. The screen is blocked off in the areas you do not want to ink, and multiple screens can be layered throughout the process to add dimension to the artwork. Each screen printed piece is created by hand, resulting in a unique, detailed image.

2. Which Items Can Be Screen Printed?

screen printing Hilo HIAny item with a flat shape and porous texture can be screen printed. Custom T-shirts and other pieces of clothing are among the most common items that go through this process, but promotional products like posters or banners can also be printed this way. Some artists also work with screens and ink as their primary media and print on paper or fabric.  

3. What Makes Screen Printing Effective for Advertising?

Not only does screen printing allow you to create eye-catching designs on custom apparel and signage, but it also provides a level of durability other methods can’t match. Heat transfers are commonly used to create promotional apparel and signs; the design is applied like a sticker that adheres to the surface. This method looks crisp and attractive when the item is brand-new, but the applique does not hold up as well after washing; eventually, it might even peel off completely. Screen printing presses ink into the item’s surface, creating a stronger bond between the pigment and fabric or paper; this results in a printed product that will last for many years.

The art of screen printing is as fascinating as it is versatile. If you are looking for a team in the Hilo who can create vibrant custom apparel and banners, trust the staff of Creative Arts Hawaii. They have over 40 years of experience providing the community with high-quality graphic design and printing services. Call them at (808) 935-7393 or visit their website for more information.

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