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How to Clean Your Front-Loading Washing Machine November 14, 2017

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How to Clean Your Front-Loading Washing Machine, Walton Park, New York

Front-loading washing machines are some of the best appliances to have in your home. Their energy efficiency and money-saving qualities make them the perfect accompaniment to any eco-friendly dryer. However, if not cleaned properly, detergent can build up, residue may be left on your clothes, odors can develop, and your garments won’t be fully cleaned. Here are the steps you need to take to ensure your machine stays clean

Guide to Cleaning Your Appliances: How to Wash Your Front-Loading Washing Machine

1. Clear the Area

Make sure to remove all clothes, lint, and other small debris from your washing machine before you begin the cleaning process. This will ensure that none of the cleaning detergent bleaches or stains your clothes.

2. Put the Cleaning Mixture in the Washing Machine 

appliancesPour ½ cup of liquid chlorine bleach where you would normally put liquid detergent. If you want a more natural alternative, you can use 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide or mix together 2 cups vinegar with ¼ cup baking soda. Set your washing machine to the hottest possible setting and press start.

3. Wipe Down the Machine

Wait until the appliance cools down after the rinse cycle and clean thoroughly with a delicate sponge or soft cloth. Remove any residue including mold or mineral deposits. Don’t forget to clean the gaskets, edges, and door glass, as well. Mold is likely to grow in these places, as they gather and hold the most moisture.


Washing repair service experts recommend cleaning your front-loading washing machine at least once a month to prevent mineral buildup, reduce the likelihood of mold, and keep your appliances smelling fresh and looking sparkling clean. For the best appliance repair, contact Honest & Fair Appliance Repair in Monroe, NY. See a full list of their repair services on their website, or give them a call at (845) 782-0460.

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