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Why You Should Recycle Your Ink Cartridges November 15, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
Why You Should Recycle Your Ink Cartridges, Staten Island, New York


Ink cartridges are an essential—and often expensive—piece of printer equipment. But when they run dry, there isn’t much you can do with them, as they aren’t designed to be easily refillable. However, you shouldn’t just throw those cartridges away. Ink cartridge recycling is a great option with several significant benefits.

Protect the Environment

Across the board, recycling items is less costly and easier on the environment than creating the same items new from raw materials. Print cartridges are no exception. Reusing their metal and plastic components makes a significant difference in emissions and also saves manufacturing time.

Help Keep Prices Down

Ink CartridgeWhen you turn in a used-up ink cartridge, it can be refilled or remanufactured and sold at a significant discount from the original price. It’s still just as good as the new version, but much cheaper. The more people recycle their cartridges, the wider the availability of these less costly alternatives.

Get Paid

Not only does the existence of refilled ink cartridges save you money, but recycling them can actually help put cash in your pocket. Many locations offer money for empty cartridges, providing a compelling incentive to recycle. Check around at local printer stores; you may just find one which will give you top dollar for a trade-in.

Ink cartridges might seem useless once they’re empty, but avoid throwing them away. By recycling them, you help out the environment and your bottom line at the same time.


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