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Potential Consequences for Non-Payment of Child Support November 13, 2017

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Potential Consequences for Non-Payment of Child Support , Honolulu, Hawaii

Unless mutually agreed upon by two parents, child support is a court-ordered obligation that falls on the non-custodial parent. Should they fail to make scheduled payments, they will be in contempt of court and subject to serious consequences. If you are owed support, consult with a family law professional about your options. The legal team at Everett Cuskaden & Associates ALC has helped many Honolulu, HI, clients successfully collect what they are due.

Below, their attorneys explain some of the most common penalties for unpaid child support:

  • License Suspension: One of the first punishments implemented for not paying support is a license suspension. Child support agencies are in regular contact with the DMV, so they are aware when a parent is behind on their payments. This allows the state to easily suspend a license when necessary.
  • child supportInability to Obtain a Passport: There is also potential for the state to revoke a parent’s passport, prevent them from getting a new one, or keep them from renewing their current passport. This will restrict their ability to travel anywhere outside the country, for business or pleasure.
  • Garnished Wages: In other cases, the parent’s wages may be garnished directly from their paycheck. Their employer will be contacted and made aware of the situation. There may also be additional fines or penalties, including denial of tax refunds.
  • Jail Time: The harshest consequence, and usually the last resort, is to put out a warrant for the parent’s arrest and give them jail time. The amount of time served may vary depending on the location, and when they are released, they will still be responsible for delinquent support.

Child support is intended to offer children stability in the wake of divorce and ensure their needs are met. If you’re having trouble collecting payments on time and in full from a non-custodial parent, don’t hesitate to ask for legal assistance. Contact Everett Cuskaden & Associates ALC at (808) 545-1331, or visit them online to use their child support calculator and determine how much you may be owed.

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