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What Is Your Level of Addiction With Boba Tea? November 3, 2017

Kailua, Koolaupoko
What Is Your Level of Addiction With Boba Tea?, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

One day you try boba tea on a whim with a friend, and a few days later you find yourself driving to your favorite corner shop in your bathrobe and slippers. Boba tea addiction is real, and busy professionals, college students, and parents alike are finding themselves unable to resist the allure of those infused concoctions and smooth, chewy tapioca pearls. So, what is your level of addiction to boba tea?

Level 1: Flirtation 

You’ve had enough exposure to boba tea to know you like it, but you need to explore so you can pin down your perfect drink. You start trying flavor shots and milk tea combinations, branching out to flavors like matcha and Oreo. Although you visit your favorite boba tea shop at least once a week, you try other shops only to discover the place down the street really is the best

Level 2: Friendship 

boba teaAt this point in your relationship with boba tea, you are no longer a stranger to the corner shop. Workers know your name and treat you like a friend when you stop by. At this point, you are getting boba tea at least two to three times per week, and you don’t know how you get by without it. 

Level 3: Obsession

By the time you reach the obsession level with boba tea, it isn’t something you enjoy occasionally; it is part of who you are. You enjoy boba tea most days, and friends barely see you without that cup of glorious goodness in your hands. You are innately familiar with local boba tea menus and trends, and you have tried most combinations available to you. 


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